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ASSEMBLE MEDIA's literary and intellectual property division, specializes in developing and discovering works that are ripe for the publishing and/or multi-media landscape. 


Working with authors, literary agents, editors, and publishers, Assemble has multiple projects in development, both as publishing properties and book-to-film/TV adaptations.  We work with debut novelists as well as New York Times bestsellers and develop and discover content across the genre spectrum.



by Jody Feldman

From Georgia Book Award and YALSA BBYA-nominated author of THE GOLLYWHOPPER GAMES comes Jody Feldman's YA debut!

Seventeen year old Tess Morelli is living a dream: she was selected for an incredible exchange program in Rome, where she's spending a month taking in the beautiful sights and sounds and tastes of Italy. Her Italian counterpart, Sofia, is staying with Tess's family while she's away. Sure, her host parents barely speak English, but they seem cool enough.

Until one day when Tess is woken up before dawn by her hosts, who are on a video chat with their daughter. Tess sees her sleeping parents on the screen―and Sofia brandishing a knife over them. Tess's parents will die, her hosts tell her, unless she follows their exact instructions. They've taken her passport, credit cards and phone, and Tess, at their mercy, must commit a series of crimes that add up to a shocking plan. Now Tess must find a way to outwit these criminals before she―and her family―end up dead.


by Alexis Nedd

"Refreshingly voice-y, wildly smart, and genuinely hilarious." - Casey McQuiston, New York Times bestselling author of Red, White & Royal Blue

From an exciting new voice comes a funny and heartfelt YA romance set in the world of competitive gaming, perfect for fans of Opposite of Always and Slay.

Emilia Romero is living a double life. By day, she's a field hockey star with a flawless report card. But by night, she's kicking virtual ass as the only female member of a highly competitive eSports team. Emilia has mastered the art of keeping her two worlds thriving, which hinges on them staying completely separate. That's in part to keep her real-life persona, but also for her own safety, since girl gamers are often threatened and harassed. 

When a major eSports tournament comes to her city, Emilia is determined to prove herself to her team and the male-dominated gaming community. But her perfectly balanced life is thrown for a loop when a member of a rival team recognizes her . . . 

Jake Hooper has had a crush on Emilia since he was ten years old. When his underdog eSports team makes it into the tournament, he's floored to discover she's been leading a double life. The fates bring Jake and Emilia together as they work to keep her secret, even as the pressures of the tournament and their non-gaming world threaten to pull everything apart.

Debut author Alexis Nedd has crafted a YA combo-punch of charming romance and virtual adventure that will win the hearts of gamers and non-gamers alike.


by Nancy Allen

From New York Times Best Selling author Nancy Allen... Kate Stone swore an oath to uphold the law. But is it time to take justice into her own hands?


Assistant DA Kate Stone has just suffered the biggest loss of her career. She’d worked so hard to prosecute a serial assaulter of women, and it was a case she should have won. But a corrupt judge allowed Max James to walk free. When he confronts her outside the courthouse, she punches James, and he goes down hard. After the footage is plastered across every TV screen, Kate’s boss demands that she either attend anger management meetings or give up the job she lives for.


Begrudgingly, Kate attends her first meeting. Inside is a group of people all failed by the justice system. Their mission: to do everything in their power to help right wrongs, even if outside the law. Unsure who to trust among this unlikely team of renegades, Kate begins to dig into Max James’s secret life, and she unknowingly ignites a battle that will rage across the city that never sleeps.

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