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ASSEMBLE MEDIA is a production and IP creation company specializing in commercially minded content. Assemble works on its projects independently and with major studios, streamers, networks, and publishers.

At Assemble Media, we believe in the power of storytelling to captivate and inspire audiences. Our mission is to bring fresh and compelling stories to life by sourcing, generating, and developing ideas through screenplays, books, and short stories. Recognizing the entertainment industry’s hunger for established properties and fully formed ideas, we established an Intellectual Property division, creating proofs-of-concept tales that provide a compelling vision for characters and stories. By first publishing these tales through major publishers and our magazine, Assemble Artifacts, our stories find an audience in the public sphere before adaptation. 


Our dedicated team has produced over 30 Films and TV shows and has been integral in publishing numerous best-selling literary works. We work tirelessly to use our distinct approach to cut through the noise and package and produce projects with exciting and talented screenwriters, actors, and directors. We strive to be a home for innovative and compelling storytelling, producing our projects from inception to completion and collaborating with studios, networks, streaming platforms and publishers. At Assemble Media, we are dedicated to bringing stories to life.


JACK HELLER (Founder and Principal)

CAITLIN DE LISSER-ELLEN (VP of Production and Development)

STEVEN SALPETER (President of Literary and IP)

MADISON WOLK (Coordinator)

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